Wednesday, December 11, 2019


June Shannon: Officially Homeless, Done With Reality TV For Good?

It's been a wild ride for the woman who was once affectionately known as Mama June. These days, Alana Thompson's mother is known simply as...



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Wanaume wanatumia majibu ya wenza wao kujua afya zao

DERICK MILTON-SIMIYU MGANGA Mkuu wa Mkoa wa Simiyu, Dk. Festo Dugange amesema wanaume wengi katika mkoa huo, wamekuwa wakitumia majibu wanayopewa wenza wao pindi wanapokwenda...

Why Egyptian Women Are Noticeably Absent From Spotify’s 2019 Wrapped Lists

Why Egyptian Women Are Noticeably Absent From Spotify’s 2019 Wrapped Lists Screen grabs via Sia VEVO/YouTube beyonce VEVO/YouTube (artwork by Jason Reed) If ever there was...

La MINUSMA réagit à la décision du gouvernement d’expulser son représentant à Kidal hors...

Le Chef du bureau de la MINUSMA à Kidal « quittera incessamment le Mali après avoir été déclaré persona non grata par le gouvernement », a...

Looking Back at Princess Lalla Hasna’s 2019 Environment Initiatives

Rabat – Princess Lalla Hasna, as the chairwoman of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environment Protection, is at the forefront of multiple environmental initiatives...

Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Are Already Hooking Up Again

Each year, countless recently-separated couples who should probably stay broken up get back togther for the simple reason that neither of them wants to...

Lalla Hasna Visits Children’s Home on 30th Anniversary of Al Ihssan Charity

Rabat – Princess Lalla Hasna chaired a ceremony celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Al-Ihssan association on Sunday, December 8. Al-Ihssan is a non-profit, apolitical...

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