monthly host of community mdeia forum

by being true to the local communities that they serve. This small, resilient band of media entrepreneurs has become the foundation of the journalism of local relevance we seek to mould. There is so much local information that would not interest a national publication seeking to inform the citizens in 36 states and the federal capital. The fact that the Lagos mega city with over 24 million residents generates massive information 24/7 is already evident in the thriving social media and new technologies. It gives us the confidence that the print, online and electronic media of expression that is uniquely Lagosian has all it takes to survive. We have rolled up our sleeves to help this media community stand on its feet for the benefit of the men and women who need the value that information delivers.
Every month, the Office of Communities & Communications hosts the Community Media Forum. With the support of His Excellency, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, the Governor of Lagos State, the office has sponsored the training of 35 community media entrepreneurs and journlists on everything they need to know to run a successful community medium.
The Lagos State Impact Campaign, enables us to show presence in the community media and boost the confidence of the media serving our communities that we are behind them. Very soon, we believe it will be the custom to ask your vendor for a national paper and your local paper in the expectation that they will offer you different news. Welcome aboard!
On excellence, we shall never fail!


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