New Georgian ambassador to Egypt Alexander Nalbandov stated that Egypt played an important role in supporting Georgia, as it was among the first countries in the Middle East and Africa to recognise the Caucasian state.

On 22 November, the Embassy of Georgia in Egypt celebrated the Independence Day of its country. During the ceremony, Nalbandov stated: “25 years have passed since my country regained its independence from the Soviet Union. Since 1991, Georgia is working on its own development, despite the challenges it is facing.”

In this regard, Nalbandov commented that Georgia recently made a significant step and considerable progress in terms of post-European integration. He mainly referred to the European Union visa legalisation action plan. As a result, a free movement regulation between the EU and Georgia is expected in the upcoming months.

Some of the countries that separated from the Soviet Union, such as Hungary, took steps to adopt policies that coincided with the EU, he explained, in an attempt to get closer to the union.

Although the original date of Georgia’s independence was on 26 May, the embassy preferred to delay the celebration until the arrival of the new ambassador to Egypt.

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