903,541 people departed from Armenia as tourists in the period of January-September, 2016.

Compared to 2015, the indicator has grown by 3 percent, interim chairman of the state Armenian tourism committee of the ministry of economic development and investments Zarmine Zeytuntsyan told ARMENPRESS.

According to her, research has shown that Armenian tourists mainly prefer sea countries.

“In this terms Georgia is the closest and most affordable, it doesn’t require visa. I think, that’s the reason behind the seasonal tourism increase in Georgia. In addition to Georgia, Armenian tourists mainly prefer Greece, Egypt, Spain”, she said.

She said year by year Armenian tourists grow interest towards countries which offer more than just sea shores – historic-cultural etc.

Armenians also prefer domestic tourism. According to official estimates, top tourism directions include Tsakhkadzor, Dilijan, Sevan, Hankavan, Aghveran, Jermuk, and Stepanavan.

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