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Why not CR7?
United’s biggest issues at the moment are their inability to consistently pick up points and their misuse/inability to use Pogba.
Granted he has started to perform better, he is however looking like an extraordinarily expensive purchase.
What United should have done is go all out for one of the best goal scorers in the world. They can afford Messi (Pogba+Di Maria+a bit more), but obviously wouldn’t come.
I think Neymar & Suarez are in a similar boat so Barça is a no. The only runaway goalscorer consistently in the premiership is Aguero and there’s no chance there, so that brings us to their realistic options.
I think Bale would have interest, but his purchased fee means even his release clause might be too much for United.
Aubameyang is the sort of player they could be purchasing, so I assume he’s said no to the them on the Champions League front.
Ultimately, despite his age I think United should be doing everything they can to get Ronaldo back. I know he’d be tough to get, and would cost silly money for a 31 year old, but he’d win them more points over the next 2/3 seasons than any other player could. His affinity with the club would maybe be enough for him to put the champions league aside for one season, where if they got back, they’d be ripe for picking up the likes of Aubameyang, Veratti, Reus, and all the other expensive and ambitious players just out of their reach at the moment.
What price for Ronaldo? £60m? £80? £120?
Wages of Ibra and Rooney put together?
However much it would cost, it would secure their immediate future.
And for those saying it would break the transfer market (like the Pogba deal), they mustn’t realise that is exactly what United want, pushing Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal (even Chelsea), out of their competitive spectrum.
KC (I’d try for Reus too)

More on Woodburn hysteria
I noted that Mediawatch has moved beyond taking the p*ss out of the shocking state of tabloid journalism and is now highlighting the morally dubious actions of tabloids and their affiliated gambling sites. Top notch work, it’s important everyone works together to constantly remind the general public that the S*n is complete trash run by irredeemable ars*holes who only care about making money and controlling people’s opinions so they can make money off said people.

Also, Ben Woodburn is guaranteed future Liverpool Captain/Club Hero/England Captain/Top Goalscorer/World Cup Winner/Best Player of All Time. I mean, he’s scored one goal from 6 yards out whilst unmarked against a team from a lower division at home, in a competition no-one involved in considers greater than third priority. It’s nailed on. Jesus.
Matt, LFC.

Well done to the little Reds.

After giving them the big talk in the mailbox yesterday I was then worried that the spotlight would be too much for them and they would scurry back into their shells.
They did not and the performances of Ejaria and Trent AA were excellent and well deserved their Klopp cuddles (TM). I don’t think they are ready for full on hugs just yet!
Double AA was the man (boy?) of the match without question and while Clyne is still number 1 we have an excellent young back up to call upon if needed.
Woodburn will and did get all the headlines after he smashed the ball ridiculously hard into the Kop net!
He is a star in the making and he is ours (insert maniacal laugh).
The experienced front line looked a little disjointed with only Origi putting in a good shift whereas the others kept drifting in and out of the game. Firmino certainly makes leading the line look very easy. He really is a top top player.
Credit must go to Leeds though they put up a really good fight. If they were a bit more clinical the game certainly could have been more interesting. The Leeds fans were great too especially the ‘stand up if you hate Man U’ chant that united the crowd!
Bantersaurus Rex!
H, (will take 2-0 at the weekend thankyouverymuch)
Dear F365,Much has been written about players who burst on the scene early (see Rooney, Wayne) having their careers peter out commensurately early due to having too many miles on the clock. In all the fuss about Ben Woodburn’s goal yesterday, I note that James ‘Millie’ Milner scored his first Premier League goal at the tender age of 16 years and 352 days. Given that one of his principal assets was for many years the ability to run around more than anyone else, and he now plays in a position that requires lung-bursting runs up and down the flank, is it finally time to expose this truism for what it is?
Pierre Taco, CPFC
There were 9 articles about Ben Woodburn on the Liverpool Echo website this morning. 9. Glad to see we’re not getting carried away.
David (more excited by Suso even though he’s not with Liverpool anymore), Wexford
I’d be interested to learn where ‘Dave’ gets his £600million for the top 6 stat from?And less interested to read about Liverpool’s ‘new breed’. They beat Leeds at home but never let the facts get in the way of a media overreaction to anything that lot do. I expect they’ll start with the flags on the streets for home games again soon.
Richard, Manchester.
Sticking up for Jose
I’d like to reply to Buchule, East London, RSA, who has suggested I called an end to José Mourinho’s greatness based on a few games at Manchester United. If I’d actually done that, I’d deserve all the criticism he could level, and if I gave that impression, that was my mistake. But the first time I wrote in making that particular assertion was in March of 2015, when Chelsea were eliminated by PSG in the Champions League. I based that conclusion on the following:

* Chelsea had an excellent chance to win the title the previous year, but failed, largely due to Mourinho’s blinkered reliance on strikers who were past their prime (Torres, Eto’O).

*In 2014-15, even as they were on their way to the title, they were consistently failing to maintain leads, which wasn’t the Mourinho way.

*It was clear that the side were fading in the latter part of that season.

I closed that letter with the statement that we’d see if Mourinho could adapt in the following season. As we know, Chelsea collapsed. That was certainly a one-off, but it did nothing to suggest he was still a top manager.

In the letter to which Buchule replied, I noted that Mourinho hasn’t done all that badly at Manchester United. But he’s also given no indication yet that he can transform the side into title contenders. Plus, the competition is now tougher by several orders of magnitude. I don’t think Mourinho is a bad manager; I just don’t think he can match Guardiola, Klopp, and Conte.

Obviously, time will tell, and I love to admit when I’ve been wrong, because it means I’ve learned something.
Peter G, Pennsylvania, USA

Tribute for Chapecoense
I had a thought about a fitting tribute to those who passed away.

Now obviously, my thoughts are inconsequential, but in light of all the goodwill going the clubs way, I just wanted to outline what I think would make a marvellous tribute.

Don’t cancel the final – postpone it for 10 days. Allow Chapeconse to assemble ( on loan / short term contracts ) a team of Brazilian greats and let them play the final in tribute to the people who lost their lives.

Kaka, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos, Cafu, Romario, Gilberto Silva, Dunga, Neymar, Julio Cesar – even Pele, Zico and the like could trot out on to the field and represent the club. Perhaps even spread the net further and field a World 11.

It might reduce the final to a Testimonial, but what a way for the football community to come together to honour those that passed.
Doug, AFC, Belfast

Time for a balanced view
Interesting debate on the subject of PFM coverage in F365, and whether positive discrimination is taking place.

Short answer, it’s not. The point of a balanced view isn’t to see things from every side, its to provide a counterbalance to prevailing and extreme views.

Football365 has long derided PFMs for their xenophobic and blinkered views on, well, pretty much everything. The mainstream tabloid media laps it up and publishes it en masse, as the know that those who agree will continue to read their rags, and those that don’t will be incensed and probably drawn in via comments, mails or just water cooler chat. Either way, the echo chamber is strengthened, and with it those that rely on the echoes.

We rarely hear about the achievements of foreign coaches, or get good coverage of foreign leagues. All we get is Robbie Savage saying Swansea should have appointed Giggs because he took good free kicks and is Welsh, and that he should use it as a stepping stone to the Man U job because.

We hear Redknapp verbally handjobbing Sherwood at every opportunity, and Sutton mouthing off about all kinds of nonsense.

So we need a balanced view from sites like F365 to offer the alternative. We don’t need to hear from the poor put upon PFM dinosaurs because we already hear nothing but their outdated, racist, inaccurate gibbering, and some of us want something else.

If you think the poor loud majority need more airtime I suggest you go live in America and wave little Republican flags because your idol awaits you with deportation papers.

Keep up the good work F365, we of sane and open mind salute you.
Alay, N15 Gooner

Vintage Henrik Larsson
A recent article on a Celtic forum I frequent contained a question from a non-Celtic fan, where do you rank Henrik Larsson?

The first reply was as a footballer, no contest, as a person;

1. Henrik

2. My kids

3. Parents

4. Her

5. Friends

Such is the reverence he is held in here that he could turn up at any Celtic fan’s door, ask if it would be OK if he could pop upstairs with their wife and reply would be that it would be an honour.

For the seven years he graced our pitch, regardless of the opposition if the game was close and Henrik was on the pitch you know you had a chance.

The best football I ever saw my team play was the the 03-04 season, Henrik’s last. There was vintage displays in the Champion’s League (particularly against Lyon) and a league and Cup double. the team had many great players including Chris Sutton, John Hartson, Stan Petrov, and Neil Lennon but Henrik was head and shoulders above them. Nobody batted an eyelid when Barcelona came on for him, he was that good.
Chris M (actual tears coming out of me whilst reading that)

Someone needed to pick it up
Since nobody else has, i will pick up this particular s**t covered baton and run with it.

Newcastle somehow contrived to lose on penalties to a Hull City side who were down to ten men and trailing by a goal in extra time. Although we had the better of the play throughout the game this amounted to little more than Jonjo swinging the ball out wide for either Ritchie or Gouffran to rattle it against someone’s shins from twenty yards. Mo Diame scored the most Mo Diame goal you are ever likely to see before Snodgrass immediately pegged us back. Obviously we lost the shootout because Newcastle United.

The Hull response was so rapid that this was the message i sent to my brother:

Get in lads

Think it was Diame

ah who cares like
should see this through
oh god
oh god what
oh f**k
oh no
And there you have it
JC ( I don’t want anybody else, When i think about you i touch Mats Sels) NUFC
Transfer looms for Fabregas
Hi F365–Really interesting article about Fabregas and Matic this morning and one that I agree wholeheartedly with, though it did leave me feeling a little sad as a Chelsea fan about the future of Fabregas. Cesc is undoubtedly one of the finest passers of the ball in the league, let alone at Chelsea and to see him marginalised due to a successful new system is a fantastic example of how tactics and systems really do matter, no matter what Harry Redknamp or his ilk may say.It depends on how you define better, but in terms of technique, vision, creativity and passing ability, Cesc is certainly a “better footballer” than Moses, Alonso, Kante, Mikel and Matic and even Oscar. However, it is clear that the attributes required of Chelsea’s midfielders in Chelsea’s new 3-4-3 system are power, tackling, pace and an ability to move the ball quickly. Fabregas probably ranks as the worst of Chelsea’s midfielders with respect to these attributes. So, while in one respect he is the best centre midfielder at the club, in other respects he is the worst, which is a big problem for a footballer who was once so central to Chelsea’s recent title success.I can’t help but be reminded of Michael Owen – a player with 2 massive spikes in attributes – pace and poaching – that were crucial to his game but because they were all his game was based on, he was eventually marginalised at big clubs as he could nto contribute to the all round game What next? I can’t see him starting as a false 9 ahead of our spearhead Diego Costa nor replacing Hazard as the play maker in chief and he just does not fit the mould in centre midfield. Sadly, it looks like he has dropped to being 3rd or 4th choice in a number of positions and when that happens, a transfer looms.

I’ll be sorry to see him go and as exciting as Conte’s revolution has begun, I can’t help but feel a little sad that while we’ve got one of the finest ball playing centre midfielders in the world, at the peak of his powers (aged 29!) and can’t find a spot for him in the first or likely even 2nd XI.

Of course, the other big question is regarding Oscar he – in theory at least – has the technical attributes of Cesc combined with the physique of a more imposing player and if Conte can get the most out of him it will be incredibly exciting to see.

Paul’s letter
I tried to write this yesterday but couldn’t find the adequate words but I am not shy to admit that I was touched by Paul’s letter from 8 weeks ago and his last one.

I thought about Paul’s letter when I was at The Emirates last Sunday. I took my seat with my 9 year old son and my own father and remember looking at them sat next to me and thinking how magical it was that I was watching a team and game, that all 3 of us love, with two so important people in my life.
These are moments that we should cherish.
Stay strong Paul, I will never meet you but your words on this website will stay with me.

Liam – a Gooner

I stupidly missed reading the mailbox yesterday due to being busy at work and I have only just seen the news of Paul (Geordie Liverpool fan’s) father passing away. I would like to personally wish Paul and his family my sincerest condolences. I was choked to hear about this as I remember reading his mail at the time and it really got to me.

I am glad that Paul has created many happy memories between him and his Dad to hold onto. I will personally be raising a beer (maybe a red stripe) for him tonight.I don’t know if this has already been done but I imagine I am not alone in offering my well wishes. If that is the case could these messages be forwarded onto Paul so he gets to see more of what has been sent than just published in the mailbox? Sometimes the words of strangers can really make a difference.
Ross Jenkins (West Ham Fan, London)

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