If you still haven’t heard ‘If’ by Davido, then carry this your last in peace.

The song which is his first single of the year 2017 was released under Sony and was produced by your boy, Tekno. As if that was not enough, the video came featuring Nqobile from CEO Dancers and it’s pure fire (It made it to our list of top videos you should check out for February)

As expected the internet has been jamming the song and here are some of the many who cannot get enough of it.

1. These bad ass male dancers

“IF I tell you say I love you oo” 🔥
New Dance Visual 🚨
Song Title: IF
Artiste: @iam_Davido
Watch,RT and Follow @WestsydeNG for more 🙏🏼🔥pic.twitter.com/NBHHoSzmjS

🇳🇬🇬🇭 (@Khedi_Kidult) March 9, 2017

2. And international superstar, Omarion.

The bro @1omarion feeling da ‘IF’ vibes! All last year !! Stay true to your culture!! MUSIC got no language! pic.twitter.com/r7ZQ9tO4Gw

— Davido (@iam_Davido) March 16, 2017

3. Demola, the violinist is awesome with this one

My violin cover of ‘IF’ by @iam_Davido . Biggest Song right now!!!!! pic.twitter.com/umIHZvltYX

— Demola (@demolaviolinist) March 12, 2017

4. And this cute child who is the ultimate winner.

TOO CUTE!!! ‘IF’ GLOBAL!! 🌎🔊🌎🔊🌎🔊pic.twitter.com/LyMxd4WFLd

— Davido (@iam_Davido) March 7, 2017

5. This electric violin cover is dope as well!

My #electricviolin freestyle of “IF” by @iam_davido #music #musicians #cover #popviolinist #violin #nigerian pic.twitter.com/rzqanooBXS

— Tèná! (@TenaciousTayour) March 6, 2017

6. And these dancers who murdered their routine

SOFT! ❤️❤️🌎🌎🌎🔊🔊 ‘IF’ WORLDWIDE!! @sherriesilver @suelawilsterman 😇😇🔥🔥pic.twitter.com/Tr0tLGgtRj

— Davido (@iam_Davido) March 5, 2017

7. Ah ah. See talent oh.

Dope!!!! TALENT!! @singerholic_ 🌎🌎🌎🔥🔥 ‘IF’ cover!! Lovely!! pic.twitter.com/pd1SjlLEZJ

— Davido (@iam_Davido) February 28, 2017

8. Ezinne Asinugo peppered them!

‘IF’ ! Dance video by @EzinneAsinugo killed it !! 🌎🌎🚨🚨🚨🔊🔊🔊💃🏼pic.twitter.com/3QcnsyefYF

— Davido (@iam_Davido) March 2, 2017

9. For all the rappers, A-Star for the culture.

‘IF’ rap cover !! @papermakerastar killed it! 🔥🔥🌎🌎🚨🚨🔊🔊🔊pic.twitter.com/udCrtSJorE

— Davido (@iam_Davido) March 4, 2017

10. Soft and beautiful!

No do no do, no do #shakara for me 💃🏻 it’s #tuesday and #this is my #biggirl #seniorgirl #dance for this evening – #davido #if @MaxwellPCC pic.twitter.com/YOzc8gsLqx

— MoveDanceSweat (@MoveDanceSweat) March 14, 2017

Do you like the song?

Meanwhile, here are some of the best covers of Runtown’s ‘Mad Over You’ we found on the internet.

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