Runtown is a legend for his ‘If she follow me go, na enjoyment go kill am’ line.

Please don’t ask me to follow you to anywhere if you will not use enjoyment to kill me

— Fat-Belly Nenye (@The_Nenye) January 21, 2017

Honestly, ladies, before you follow any man, you must be sure that he’s ready to kill you with enjoyment. Nigerian men, here are some ways that you can kill the women in your lives with enjoyment.

1. Use money to scatter her head

Let the first notification she gets on her phone every day be a credit alert, send her money and put a smile on her face.


Image: YouTube

2. Take her on cute dates

Take your girl to fancy places, take her to the beach, take her on a tour, just make sure that you’re both spending time together and having fun.

couple on date

Photo: EL.Carna/Facebook

3. Buy her gifts

Women love gifts! Buy her stuff and let her know that she’s constantly on your mind.

Image: El.Carna/Instagram

4. Surprise her

Surprises don’t always have to be extravagant. You can send her food that she loves, buy her that pair of shoes she’s been eyeing or even pay her a surprise visit.

couple hugging

Image: dailypicsupdate.com

5. Take her shopping

Take your girl shopping and let her buy all the cute things she likes, she’d love you for it.

Image: MirrorUK

6. Be romantic

Send her love notes often. Tell her how you feel about her, and let her know how important she is to you. Express your feelings, and back up your words with actions every day.


Image: Pinterest

7. Take her on a vacation

Vacations are really amazing. Save up and take your baby girl somewhere she’s always wanted to go.

Image: nairobi-vacations.com

8. Communicate with her

Communication is very important in every relationship. Open up to her and trust her. You should talk to her as often as you can.

phone conversation

Image: wikihow.com

9. Do cute stuff with her

Ladies love cute stuff. Paint her nails, watch her favourite show with her and cuddle with her.

couple date friends cute

Photo: PenciledCelebrities/Ray Styles’s Hand

10. Respect her

The woman in your life is not your slave or subordinate. Treat her as your equal and treat her with respect.

Image: Courtesy

If you do all these, she’s going to love you!

Since we’re talking about a line from Runtown’s song, you might want to see these awesome covers of Runtown’s ‘Mad Over You’.

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