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No matter how “hard” you’re, never try to start a fight with a Ghanaian trotro mate, because there is no way you can win.

They have an answer to every insult or nasty comment you have coming for them. Check out these 11 clap backs we recorded from trotro mates.

1. When asked to help a pregnant woman.

Response: When she was enjoying, was I there? Let her suffer alone.

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2. When you continuously request for your change.

Response: I won’t chew it, you will get your money when I get some.


3. When you complain about the money being dirty.

Response: “Miy3 Bank of Ghana? me twa sika?”

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4. When you complain about how rickety their car is.

Response: You buy car before?

5. When they skip your bus stop and you complain.

Response: When I was calling out your stop were you alseep?

6. When the car seat is bad and you complain.

Response: Why didn’t you bring your sofa along?

7. When you complain about their smelly armpit.

Response: Have you forgotten your mouth is closer to your nose?

8. When they overload and you complain,

Response: Wonni wo maame, wo papa 3ni wonuanum nda dae baako mu, wo kasa?

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9. When you complain about their duster being dirty.

Response: Come wash it for us.

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10. When you advise them to use a different route when stuck in traffic.

Response: This is not a plane, we can’t fly so if you want to get to your destination on time, go board a plane.

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11. When they’re delaying by scouting for passengers and you prompt them.

Response: Bros! We are not here to watch the sea o, we are here to work so relax.

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