We have loads of laws in Ghana, the only problem is with it’s enforcement so you’ll actually think they are not there.

Many of us may know the obvious laws but there are some few obscure ones that we need to take note of and we’ve listed 11 of them below.

1. Wearing Camouflage.

You’ve seen military personnel beat people for wearing military uniform or what we call camouflage and you sometimes feel bad and start calling on human rights activists and organizations but what you might not know is that, it is illegal to wear any uniform meant for the security agencies.

2. Possession Of Pornographic Material.

We know many of you might not know this but possessing pornographic materials is illegal but we have it all over the place because probably the police don’t even know it is illegal. You might find this to be cool till you’re arrested, then you will understand it is no cool business.

3. Taking Pictures Of Sensitive Buildings.

Just in case you don’t know, it is illegal to take pictures of some buildings in Ghana like the seat of government and military base. It’s even illegal to take pictures of embassies in Ghana. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the “No Photographs” notices on some of these buildings.

4. Prostitution.

For your information, prostitution is not legal in the country and those that indulge in it are going against the law, so it’s quite shocking to hear there is an association of prostitutes in the country.

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5. Tinted Glass Cars.

Riding in a tinted glass car looks very fun and exciting till the police arrest you. For your information, it is illegal to tint the glass on your car in Ghana.

6. Hawking On Pavements.

Hawking in itself is not illegal but there are some restricted areas people are not allowed to hawk, for instance pavements meant for pedestrians, but unfortunately that’s exactly what our hawkers do and we have no option than to look on.

Image: fathomaway.com

7. Galamsey.

Galamsey is illegal in the country but we have even foreigners come into the country to engage in it with the clandestine support of some big shots in the country.

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Photo: PulseGhana

8. Bestiality.

Sleeping with an animal is outright illegal in the country and so if engage in it and you’re caught, you’ll end up in jail.

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Image: Steadi_Lady/Twitter

9. Suicide.

You should know when you decide to kill yourself, it is illegal. If you’re caught trying to kill yourself, you will be jailed.

10. Legal Age Of Marriage And Defilement.

The legal age for marriage in Ghana is 16 years, but sleeping with an under 18 years girl when you’re not married to her is defilement, take note.


Image: Makeameme

11. Smoking.

It is illegal to smoke in public places. Yes, if the law was working, all those people who smoke around town will be languishing in jail by now.

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Image: KurengWorkx

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