Sometimes you see words and you’re tempted to write them in their past form but it later turns out to be embarrassing.

It’s not every word that has a past form. Some are just the same whether in the present or expressed in the past. Here are 12 of such words.

1. Cut.

Please! don’t ever say he caught his hand, that’s actually the past tense of catch. Say he cut his hand. Cut is the same whether in the present or past.

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2. Bet.

Betted, how? Please, it is bet whether in the present, past or future.

wanna bet

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3. Read.

Although the past tense is pronounced differently, the word is still the same. Please desist from trying to spell it like how you pronounce it.

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4. Hurt.

Please! Please!! For Christ’s sake, never say, “I was hurted” Yesu!!! You wan make we die?

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5. Quit.

Then you hear people say, “he quitted his job”, why, did you invent English?

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6. Put.

Ever heard someone say, “he putted it in?”. If you ever come across this word, dodge it, it is a trap.

7. Spread.

“He spreaded her legs”, common, how can you commit such an atrocity.


8. Let.

So this is the point you have to let all go and never try to find out the past tense of this word because it stands the same whether in the past or future.

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9. Broadcast.

Now, this is a very common word almost everybody gets wrong. Remember you can’t say, broadcasted, the past tense is still broadcast.


10. Shut.

Shut is still shut, please!!

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11. Hit.

“He hit me” don’t say, “he hitted me”

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12. Set.

Set is set, please!! Avoid words like setted. Thank you.


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