They say all mothers are the same around the world, but a Ghanaian mother is not your average mother.

You’ll be amazed at what makes a Ghanaian mother proud. Check them out below.

1. Fight in school.

When a fight breaks out in school and your neighbour’s get letters about their kids but she doesn’t. She will be smiling all day knowing she’s won the gossip battle.

2. No Pregnancy accusation.

When nobody comes to your house claiming you got their daughter pregnant. Getting a lady pregnant outside marriage is a big disgrace to most families in Ghana and so when all the other guys are impregnating women and you’re excluded, you’re the champion to your mum. She’ll use you to brag all the time.

Proud mom

3. Daughter not pregnant.

When girls in the neighbourhood are getting pregnant but you never have that issue, she’ll be so proud of you she’ll fight all the battles for you. She’ll boast around with you, telling everyone how upright she’s trained you. What she doesn’t know is that behind the scenes, you’re the shatter in the whole area, you just know how to take care of yourself.

4. When you top your class.

Your terminal report is like a life certificate to a Ghanaian mother because to her, that determines your future and so even at the nursery stage where you’re learning the usual “A, B, C”, being top in class is paramount to her. You have to make it or you receive lashes. Ghanaians mothers don’t spare any opportunity for bragging rights.

5. Graduating from University.

Completing University is the biggest achievements to every Ghanaian mother. Even if you complete University and don’t make it in life, you still make a Ghanaian mother proud because at least she can also discuss you among friends and say her son or daughter is a graduate.

6. Being called a Doctor, Lawyer or Engineer.

If all her children turn out to be doctors and lawyers, she will be on cloud nine and will be quick to say, “we are a family of doctors or lawyers”. Even if her child completes nursing training, the whole world will hear of it.

7. Inflating the prices of her products when she’s not around.

If she sells things in the market or at a shop and you go help her sell and you inflate the prices and make more profit for her while she’s away, you’re the don. She’ll smile all day.

8. Not stealing her coins.

If she always comes home to see her coins intact, she always smiles at you especially when she sees other mothers punishing their children for stealing their coins.

9. Coming home early.

If you’re the child who always comes home on time and not get into trouble, you can’t help making your mama proud. While other kids are out chilling, you’ll be home relaxing. That makes her happier than finding gold.

10. Sending her money.

And when you start making something small and you send her money, now that’s going to make her proud AF.

11. Buying her cloth.

When you buy her some cloth for her wardrobe especially for occasions like a wedding or outdooring, you’re the best kid in your family.

12. Going to church.

To her, you’ve made it to heaven and she’s okay.

13. When you buy a land.

If she hears you’ve bought a land, now that’s going to make her super excited and proud AF. To her, you’re blessed.

14. Getting married.

Getting married is the definition of success to a Ghanaian mother and it makes her very proud.


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