Ghana weaving is a really popular way to make cornrows.

A lot of women make beautiful hairstyles with the Ghana weaving style, and here are some of the coolest ones we’ve seen.

1. So bold and beautiful

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2. This is so lovely!

3. Simple and neat

4. Twinning with mummy

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5. This colour is amazing

6. So tiny and beautiful

7. Gold is a really nice hair colour

8. These braids are so straight

9. Exquisite!

10. This is an awesome style too

11. Really love how precise the cutting for this style is

12. This shuku is so fierce

Shuku 😍😍😍 #GlamAfric #braids #braidstyles #brows #instabeauty #instahair #redeyeshadow

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13. This is so intricate and lovely

14. Amazing

15. Isn’t this just stunning?

Really beautiful styles! You might also want to see 10 coloured braids pictures that will make you fall in love.

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