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The internet is one of the best inventions to ever happen to man.

Of course everything has it’s bad side and the internet is not an exception. Here are some stupid things we do on the internet.

1. Insulting people you barely know.

You sometimes see a comment and without knowing who the person might be, you just jump on and start insulting him/her. Now, this is why it is stupid, you don’t know who that person is, he or she could be the person to interview you for your next job. You need to be careful.

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2. Posting ill stuff about companies.

So you go on Facebook and post, “MTN is the most stupid network ever” and in future, here you are in an interview with MTN and you say all the great things about them and the manager just turns his laptop to show you a post you made some years ago, won’t you look stupid?

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3. Posting pictures of money that does not belong to you.

You work for a savings and loan company as a “susu” collector and when you’re done collecting the money, instead of going to deposit at the bank, you send it home, spread it on your bed and take pictures of it and post on Facebook, don’t you think you’re being stupid? What happens when it gets stolen due to the exposure?

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4. Plagiarizing

Stealing people’s posts on Facebook and other social media pages and making it your own is not cool and you know it. It is polite to reference them. What happens when you get called out for stealing a post, wouldn’t that look stupid?


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5. Posting pictures of something you stole.

So you steal something at Circle and instead of staying “undergee”, you stupidly decide to post pictures of the things you stole on social media. Well!!! if you think you can’t be identified then you’re fooling yourself, it is easy for the police to track you on social media.

6. Posting pictures of you by a corpse.

A corpse is a representation of sadness which is not good for many people, not even the family and so posing and smiling by a corpse no matter the circumstance and taking pictures and posting on the internet clearly spells out how stupid you’re because people are clearly going to tag you as being sadistic.

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7. Posting pictures of dead people.

Someone dies and the best you can do is to take a photo of the body and post on the internet. What is that supposed to do, get you likes or crown you king or queen for being the first to post the body? That’s quite stupid.

8. Posting gory pictures.

So there is a car accident with people’s brain gushing out and you thought it wise to post on social media and you think it is wise, good for you.

9. Sending pictures to strangers you met on the internet.

Now this is where it gets risky. You’ve been chatting with this guy or girl for some time now and you think you trust them enough to send them pictures of you. Some even send nudes. There are various people on the internet claiming to be who they are not and so you have no idea who has your photos. For security, it’s a bad idea too.


10. Meeting up with people you barely.

Then you take it a step further by meeting up with them in secluded places. That’s how people get killed. There is news of ladies being raped or killed through such meetups. At least if you need to meet someone from the net, meet them at a public place.


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11. Accepting friend requests from people you don’t have mutual friends with.

This is how you get hacked especially when you check and realise you have no link with the person and worse of, they don’t have a picture on their profile picture and they joined just a month ago.

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12. Saying nasty things about your private life.

Spare us the details please. Posting stuff about how your sex life is and the last guy who banged you is definitely going to affect your future and you know it. Don’t blame us when you reach 40 and you still don’t have a husband.

13. Horrible grammar.

We understand, we all make mistakes from time to time but writing things on the internet that makes you sound like you just earned your nursery certificate, goes a long way to affect you. Think about your next job interview or the next project you want to execute.

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14. Insulting and body shaming politicians on the internet.

For now, this might seem cool to you because you’re young and don’t see the risk in anything till you’re old enough and need some business deals from these same politicians, that’s when you realise your stupidity. Be careful what you write on the internet.


15. Typing Amen on every post that you’re asked to.

Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with saying amen to something but when it becomes a trend, then it sounds stupid

16. Commenting with your phone number.

So someone says they are forming a WhatsApp group so leave your number in the comment section and you foolishly do it. This is what happens, first they can collect your number and give it to marketers to disturb you and second, they can collect your number and can easily trace you to cause harm or danger to you and your family.

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17. Posting embarrassing videos of yourself.

So you trying to do something and it turns out horribly or you’re drinking or smoking and you decide to post it on social media because you think it is funny. Remember this, nothing that goes on the internet, disappears, so get ready to be struck by it later in life.

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18. Openly coming out as gay and creating groups in a country that is illegal.

We understand, you’re fighting a cause but it has not yet materialised so don’t you think it will be wise to stay undercover and fight till you get there? Openly doing things in a country where homosexuality is illegal and many people abhor it will only generate anger and danger towards you and your kind.


19. Fighting with your spouse or partner.

Must you post everything that happens between you and your partner on the internet? There is something known as privacy and washing your dirty linen in public is a stupid thing and you know it. Put some respek on your relationship.

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20. Posting nudes on the internet.

Need we say more? That’s outright stupid and you know it. It will definitely come back to haunt you.

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