You know you a real superstar when the president of your country decides to call you live on air.

Diamond went for an interview at Tanzania’s Clouds TV on Tuesday, March 14 during which he discussed various issues relating to the music industry.

Just minutes into the interview, the ever-tough Magufuli called to congratulate Diamond on his recent success and for flying the Tanzanian flag high on the international scene. Surprisingly, Magufuli also congratulated the singer on getting his second child with Zari Hassan.

A president congratulating an artiste for getting a child? That’s new. These Tanzanians will kill us with their courtesy.

In return, Diamond urged the president to continue supporting artists in the music industry:

Tunakuomba sana utusaidie kwa vile tunaamini tunajua wewe ni raisi wetu sisi wanyonge kwa vile utakua umeokoa familia nyingi sana” (We urge you Mr President to help us from the lower classes to make it in the music industry and you will have saved the families of many artistes,”) He pleaded with Magufuli.

Of course, Magufuli promised to saidia. After all, he always gets things done, doesn’t he?

Watch the video below.

Dope!! Also, check out all these times Diamond and Zari Hassan restored our faith in love.

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