Rebranding Morocco: A New Program to Support Moroccan SMEs

Rabat – Rebranding Morocco, the initiative of a group of artistic directors, communication and branding experts to help and support SMEs (Small and Medium Businesses), startups and project holders by offering them professional expertise for a symbolic fee.

This initiative presents young entrepreneurs with an opportunity to benefit from expert services in digital branding, including a professional visual identity at a reduced fee through joint purchasing.

According to a press release published by the program, this approach will allow young entrepreneurs to overcome the crippling financial obstacles of branding, while benefiting from the assistance of communication gurus during the crucial phase of their project creation.

The program offers project holders a visual identity pack comprised of a logo, a business card design, a personalized Facebook page coverage, and an email signature at the fixed price of MAD 2000 through joint purchase.

With every 30 confirmed applications, the program will also offer a free visual identity pack to three local NGOs, who will be chosen through a vote.

This new initiative aims to help and promote social entrepreneurship in Moroccan society, by advocating the values of social and entrepreneurial development.

Rebranding Morocco is co-founded by Omar Madi, a young entrepreneur himself, and Mehdi Ayache, design director and CEO of the design studio Berberos, one of the program’s partners. Madi and Ayache are investing their time and energy, along many other designers who willingly volunteer for the program to breathe fresh and innovative air in the entrepreneurial scene.

“This program is made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. From our own experience, we know exactly the kind of frustrating obstacles many young project holders face when they want to make their ideas come true,” says Madi, “through Rebranding Morocco, we’re hoping to help these young entrepreneurs the best way we can and know how.”


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