Growing up back in the days was stress. Our lives were monitored and controlled by our parents.

Anything you do which they deem inappropriate, got you severe beatings. These can be done either with a cane, belt, stick, saucepan, frying pan, shoe etc.

Below are 10 things which got us beaten growing up in Ghana.

1. Stealing.

Whether in the house or outside, once it’s found that you’ve stolen something, you’ll be given the beating of your life. Stealing is prohibited in every Ghanaian home and any indulgence in this act, results in beating.

2. Stealing Meat From Pot Of Soup.

This is something most Ghanaian kids do. It’s fun when you’re not caught but trust me, if you’re caught in this act, you’ll be severely beaten. Why should you be stealing meat from soup knowing very well it’s for the whole family?

Stealing Meat From Pot

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3. Beating Younger Siblings.

As an older sibling, you’re deemed the protector of your younger ones. Ghanaian parents tend to favor younger siblings over older ones when there’s an issue, therefore, when you beat your younger sibling, be ready for your parents. They’ll beat the daylight out of you.

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4. Disrespecting An Elderly Person.

Respect is something kids are trained to have. There is no excuse disrespecting an elderly person even if it’s your own older sibling. Any form of disrespect shown to an elderly person which gets to the knowledge of your parents, will result in beatings.

5. Coming Hone In Tears After A Fight.

So there is this thing that most parents do in an effort to teach their kids to stand up for themselves. You can’t go home crying after getting your a** beaten in town. Unless the person is an elderly person, you have no excuse coming home crying because your age mate beat you. You’ll be beaten on top of your pain.

6. Skipping School.

School is important and Ghanaian parents do not joke with it. Plus, fees are also not an easy thing for the average Ghanaian. Therefore, you can’t skip school and expect everything to be fine. If you decide not to go at home, you’ll be beaten, if you leave home but never get to school and it’s gets to the notice of your parents, you’ll also be beaten.

First day of school

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7. Getting Involved With A Person Of The Opposite Sex.

It’s a taboo to be in a relationship or close association with someone of the opposite sex. Once your parents notice the closeness or get information that you’re getting amorous with someone of the opposite sex, you’re more than dead.

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8. Not Doing Chores.

We all had to take time to perform chores in the house. Every kid is given a specific chore, from sweeping the compound to sweeping the room, cleaning furniture, washing utensil’s etc. to perform and that must be done on time. Skipping your chore will end up with you being given some lashes.

9. Lying.

We are taught to speak the truth at all times so if you’re caught lying, you’ll be disciplined to ensure that you don’t repeat it ever again.

why you always lying meme

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10. Porn.

We don’t have to say much about this. You get the memo right?

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