Gurara Falls Niger state

Nigeria is such a beautiful place.

It’s a big shame that we Nigerians hardly travel around our country. We are ignorant about the cultures and practices of the tribes that make up our diverse nation.

Before you turn to a global trotter, try trotting around some of the most Instagram worthy places in our backyard here in Nigeria:

1. Idanre Hills, Ondo state

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2. Ngwo Pine Forest, Enugu state

3. Alok Ikom Monoliths, Akwa Ibom

Although the Alok Ikom monoliths are found predominantly in Akwa Ibom, you can find some in Calabar, Cross River state.

4. Erin Ijesha waterfalls, Osun state

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5. Gurara Falls, Niger State

Image: HCH Photography

6. Wikki Spring, Bauchi State

For those who are not aware, the Wikki Spring can be found in the Yankari Game Reserve in Bauchi state. Another great reason to visit the national park.

Yankari Game Reserve Wikki Spring

Image: NairaLand

7. Osun Osogbo Grove, Osun State

Osun Oshogbo Grove

Image: TalkAfricana

8. Sukur Cultural Landscape, Adamawa State

This is a UNESCO Heritage site located near the Mandara Mountains in Adamawa state.

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9. Olumo Rock, Ogun State

10. Matsirga Waterfalls, Kaduna State

Matsirga waterfall Kaduna state

Image: ExprienceTheCommunity

11. Obudu Cattle Ranch, Cross River state

Obudu Cattle Ranch

Image: Owambe

12. Kano City Walls, Kano State

The Kano city wall was built in 1095 and is made up of baked clay. It still stands till date.

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13. National Theatre, Lagos state

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14. Mayo Selbe Waterfall and Rapids, Taraba State

15. Mambilla Plateau, Taraba State

Mambilla plateau is the home of the highland tea that is produced in Nigeria. And there are many picturesque villages on the plateau.

There are still so many Instagram worthy places in Nigeria. Go out and explore!

Speaking of exploring, These UNESCO Heritage Sites Are A Must See.

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