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I have come to understand one thing; that Kenyans are genuinely scared of rain.

We see the rains from the Ngong hills while we are in town, so far away but we start preparing for what may seem to be a hurricane. Our excuse as to why our lives should stop is rain, everyone asks each other “si, it’s raining so how should we…?” When the rains come marching down on us we scramble around like mad people.

Here are the 5 common things Kenyans do when it rains.

1. Matatus fare hike up

It’s not that town became too far, it’s more or less because the tout knows how to exploit your situation. Kenyans are also usually more than willing to squeeze in a matatu and be charged twice as more than usual. The conductor tells you to love each other enough to almost sit on each other’s laps. No one complains about public transport at that time as we’ll have to submit so we may go home before the rain starts or when it starts.


2. Hide in the gas station or anywhere that’s not raining

I get that you do not want to be rained on but a typical Kenyan would rather stand under a gas station rooftop for over three hours than land in a fast food restaurant. There is always a debate that takes place between the Kenyan weather experts as they try to decide when the rain will stop. The 5 minutes never end, while the ladies complain that they just went to the salon the other day, men start talking about politics and soon enough even when the rain disappears they forget.

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3. Get to work late

The rains are heavy but not thunderous. Most of the times if you have a good enough umbrella and you wake up early then you are good to go. However, for most Kenyans going to work early while it’s raining is like asking them to go through the Bermuda triangle. Students are usually late for their lecturers; employees late to work and generally, businesses tend to be slower. Of course, employers never care about the rain.

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4. Get on the road ASAP

Kenyans who drive have to either get on the road earlier on the road when they see that it will rain or just cause traffic for nothing. I still do not understand the relation between Kenyan traffic as long as it is raining. Nairobi, in particular already has bad traffic but it gets worse at any time as long as it is raining.

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5. Women wear plastic bags on their heads

A Kenyan woman will buy a shower cap, a scarf and also wrap their heads with an uchumi plastic bag so their hair is covered. Their hair is precious during these hard times; please never tell a Kenyan lady that her hair is just hair unless you paid for her salon bills or will be doing


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