Over Easter Weekend, my friends and I went on a road trip to Baringo.

I had never really been to that side of town and so it was exciting to explore a place unbeknown to me. The plan was to go see Lake Bogoria, have an overnight camp and then proceed to Iten for the rest of the weekend and it turned out to be an epic road trip!

Here’s what you can get up to in Baringo and why you should visit:

1. To see Lake Bogoria.

It’s simply magical. Boasting of some flamingoes, hot springs and surrounded by escarpments, the views are breathtaking. Oh, plus, eggs for breakfast are catered for by the natural hot springs should you decide to camp by the lake; you simply put the eggs in a plastic bag and leave them to boil in the hot springs. How cool is that?

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2. Kerio valley.

The Paragliding season is from Jan-March and then it closes and opens again in December, or at least this year that’s the case. But if you’re not keen on paragliding, you can simply book yourself a room at Kerio View Hotel and enjoy a blissful weekend with friends as you savor the absolutely breathtaking views.

Kerio Valley in Iten. My word! The views are so picturesque and the fresh air is just everything. #Iten #HomeOfChampions #TembeaKenya pic.twitter.com/epFGGlofWn

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3. Visit Chelbloch gorge to watch Kerio divers.

On your way to Iten, there’s a gorge where fearless Kerio Divers take a leap of faith into crocodile infested waters and you can watch and support these young daredevils by paying Kes. 500/- to watch them dive. My word! It’s almost like…like a scene from Fear Factor!

#WhyILoveKenya : These are the Kerio Divers in Baringo. Talk of dare devils . pic.twitter.com/p2Fg4cgivG

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4. Tour the town of Iten.

The nightlife is pretty much non-existent with only two popular clubs whose ration of men to women is pretty imbalanced lol. However, it’s David Rudisha‘s hometown, better known as the home of champions. The air is fresh and the breeze and views are outstanding, you could hire a bike and cycle your way around the town and forest or go for a hike at the escarpments. You could also join athletes training in the morning for a run. It’s totally worth it.

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5. Visit Lake Baringo.

You could also head over to Lake Baringo and camp there, go on a boat ride and see hippos and crocs as well as bird watch if that tickles your fancy.

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6. It’s pretty affordable.

For Kenyan citizens, entry to Lake Bogoria is just Kes. 300/- and if you’re camping, the camping charges are Kes.300/- You also have to pay Kes.300/- for car fees. So in total, that’s just about Kes.900/- which is fair enough.

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7. You get to bring back really good quality honey.

That side of town has loads of beekeeping activities; therefore, expect extremely good quality natural honey which goes for around Kes.300/- for a medium sized jar.

SOLD OUT!!! I started selling “Baringo honey” at JICA office last Friday. BUT already sold out! Thank you♡ I’ll bring them more stocks. I’m really happy to hear that and I’m proud of their honey from the bottom of my heart. Consumer knows good products. I don’t need to be worry about it, what I have to do is just to let someone notice our product. 先程、先週金曜日にJICAオフィスの物販コーナーに並べたハチミツが即日完売したという連絡を受けました♡ もともと事務所内にもファンの多かったこのハチミツ。 また、明後日は勉強会でナイロビに上京する予定なので、今回は少なめに持って行きましたが、早速補充する事になりました!嬉しい〜!!! ちゃんと消費者は、本当に美味しいものや良いものを分かってる。 だから、私は少しだけ気付いて貰える手助けをすればよいだけ。 ハチミツの重さに肩が壊れそうになっても、このハチミツを美味しいって言ってくれる人が居れば、全く苦にならい。 だから明後日も頑張って運ぼう。笑 #pure#honey#Nakuru#ovop #onevillageoneproduct#garingo #organic#soldout#Nairobi#baringohoney #baringo #オーガニック #即日完売#volunteer

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8. The views are EVERYTHING!

You get to take loads of beautiful photos and keep the memories.

Points to note:

  • It can get really hot on the way to Lake Bogoria be sure to dress lightly but if you choose to proceed to Iten, do carry warm clothes as the temperatures drop.
  • It’s quite a long drive, around 8 hours, make sure your car is in good condition and you’re all comfortable.

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