ZANZIBAR Commission for Tourism (ZCT) has recorded many achievements, including doubling the number of tourists to 376,000 in the 2016/2017 fiscal year from 162,242 recorded in the previous year.

ZCT Marketing Director, Dr Miraji Ussi Ukuti, attributed the achievements to the prevailing peace and tranquility in the Islands, hinting that tourism services in Zanzibar hotels have also improved. “For example, we did an inspection to 50 hotels and lodges and proved beyond reasonable doubt that the services were superb,’’ he noted.

The sector, Dr Ukuti added, was leading all the investment projects in the Isles by 60 per cent, with increased job opportunities to 22,000.

He further outlined the strategies that ZCT has devised to boost the tourism sector by attracting more tourists from the Asian continent that boasts of large population.

“The achievements shall be attained by advertising out tourist attractions, including participation to different international exhibitions,’’ he said. The Zanzibar government targets 500,000 tourists visiting the Isles each year by 2020.

Read More from Source: Daily News Tanzania


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