THE Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) in Morogoro region has launched an initial investigation into the ongoing 3bn/- irrigation scheme project at the Ujamaa Msolwa village of the Kilombero District after an unprecedented delay in the implementation of the project.

The Regional Head of PCCB, Mr Beutoz Mbwiga, said this in a press statement among other issues, in a detailed working report of the corruption watchdog in the region for the period between July 2016 and March 2017 in all the seven districts of the region.

According to Mbwiga, nine projects totaling 13.2bn/- were inspected during that period, with the PCCB launching investigation into one involving the irrigation project at Ujamaa Msolwa village amounting to 3bn/-.

Mr Mbwiga insisted that PCCB initiated its probe after realising that the chief executives in Kilombero District were less informed on the irrigation project that has since fallen behind schedule.

He added that PCCB had managed to save 65.1m/- in ‘ghost’ salaries and phantom development projects as well as from levies imposed on livestock.

“The money has been deposited into different accounts of the PCCB’s Director General,’’ he said. During the period under review, Mr Mbwiga revealed that PCCB managed to uncover – and plugged — some 40 ‘loop-holes’ through which the government suffered massive losses of public funds, saying the money so recovered had been injected into various development projects.

In another development, the regional PCCB boss said the corruption watchdog filed 29 cases in the district courts of Ulanga, Kilosa and Morogoro as well as the Morogoro Resident Magistrate’s Court.

He said PCCB filed 10 cases at the Ulanga District Court, six at Kilosa District Court, five at the Morogoro Resident Magistrate’s Court and another six at the Kilombero district court.

Mr Mbwiga said of all the cases, 22 were heard and determined — eight of them ruled in favour of PCCB but lost 14 cases. According to him, 31 cases were still pending in various courts

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