This is Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia.

The Vice President of Ghana.

Delivering my address @Tamale Polytechnic

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Today, the 17th April 2016, he was on JoyNews to answer questions from the public under the programme “100 Days Of Change”.

Send your questions for the Vice President now. #AskBawumia pic.twitter.com/n7P1F3IEHS

— #JoyNews (@JOYNEWSONTV) April 17, 2017

This was extended to twitter under the hashtag, #AskBawumia and Ghanaians had a lot of questions for him, here are some few tweets of what Ghanaians need answers to.

1. This young man wants to know the government’s plan for his academic and hostel fees.

I pay almost 9% increment in my academic& hostel fee every yr (KNUST). What solutions does the govt have for us? #AskBawumia

— prince_pazol (@prince_pazol) April 17, 2017

2. The teachers were also here to know what they have in store for them.

#AskBawumia wha government is doin to raise de standards of living of the ordinary teacher.A housing policy for teachers to be more specific

— Gideon Okyere Darko (@vanderwaal89) April 17, 2017

3. Someone needs a wife from Bawumia

I know they’ve got things covered but if I had one question paa to #AskBawumia, it would be: “How can I get a wife like yours?”

— Afrane (@Okese) April 17, 2017

4. This increment in Academic and hostel fees in Universities is really disturbing

We pay almost 15% increment in our academic fee yearly (UHAS) What solutions does the government have for us #AskBawumia

— Miguel Adam Abudu (@de_new_apple) April 17, 2017

5. Somebody needs his allowa pretty fast

When are the arrears for teachers going to be paid? #AskBawumia

— Awuah Evans (@eamicro) April 17, 2017

6. Good question

How do we ensure profits from foreign investors are not siphoned outside; retaining profita back into the economy? #askbawumia pic.twitter.com/sFZfpfgP2y

— Sylvester Osei (@SylvesterOsei_) April 17, 2017

7. Somebody needs their health insurance paid.

Please what is being done about the huge debt owed by the NHIA to the health service providers.

— Nana Osei Bright (@Slyakwetey) April 17, 2017

8. Okay! We got that, think the structures have been laid, haven’t they?

#askbawumia I’d like to find out from the veep what strategies the Gov is putting in place to change the structure of the economy..

— Obed Owusu-Addai (@greatobadiah) April 17, 2017

9. Massa!! that on pass oh! arrears se sen? W’ani bo na ete asi so a, wo nfa no saa.

I want to know if there will be an arrears for trained teachers who hv complted and been posted afta restoring allowance #AskBawumia

— Gabryl Konadu Yiadom (@gabrielkonadu92) April 17, 2017

10. E no stable give you yet, my guy?

When will the economy be stable ? 100+ days in office #askbawumia

— PPHYPE CREW Koose 🍞 (@PhilipDuncan15) April 17, 2017

11. The most important question of all

#askbawumia VEEP, i believe you know the negative impact of the mass rejection of the 1 pesewa coin, what is the government doing about it.

— Bright Ntoaduro (@BNtoaduro) April 17, 2017

12. Something we’ve all been waiting for

How far has the government gone with the special prosecutor #askbawumia

— isaac ayatey (@logmanor) April 17, 2017

13. Yes! The Galamsey issue came up

What specificly, is the government’s plan to put an immediate stop to Galamsey? #AskBawumia

— Dr Ebenezer Laryea (@Doc_Laryea) April 17, 2017

14. Someone wants to know

#AskBawumia are our electricity bills now lower than rent? 😐😐😐

— Shabir Khalid (@shabirkhalid900) April 17, 2017

15. And this…

#AskBawumia could the current value of the cedi be as a result of the IMF program the previous administration went into?

— Shabir Khalid (@shabirkhalid900) April 17, 2017

16. Someone is planning to build a house oh!

#AskBawumia 5% on real estate, what about cement n iron rods? The ordinary man can’t buy house but put small house

— Ck Atubga (@AtubgaCharles) April 17, 2017

17. Okay!! He meant goods

Pls now our hope in you is coming to shatter . How are you dealing with the daily increments in goose in the market?#AskBawumia

— Hamza Muhammad (@HamzaMu12713798) April 17, 2017

18. Yes! We need more details on this

#AskBawumia Which people does the free SHS cover? If it covers only first years, is it not another kind of progressively free?

— Albert Avotri (@AlbertAvotri) April 17, 2017

19. Very important question…

@Joy997FM We were expecting tax relieves on our salaries but it was not part of the budget. Should we expect some soon. #askbawumia #joysms

— Dominic Naadi (@md__naadi) April 17, 2017

20. Can it be done?

#AskBawumia How do you plan to ensure that embargo on recruitment into public institutions is lifted?

— ابو امة الله (@958d11a7557847c) April 17, 2017

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