12 Most Attractive African Economies To Invest In For 2017

Africa remains a continent with great investment potential, and African economies continue to make efforts to attract investors from around the globe.

With a population of over one billion people and rapidly growing middle class, Africa offers significant opportunities to invest in the continent’s non-commodities sectors such as financial services, construction, and manufacturing, amongst others.

Quantum Global Research Lab conducted research to produce the 2017 Africa Investment Index based on a variety of factors such as macroeconomic and financial indicators and the World Bank Group’s Ease of Doing Business Indicators (DBI).

A combination of this research then determines the list of African economies that make the most compelling cases for investors.

Here are the 12 most attractive African economies to invest in for 2017.

Sources: Quantum Global, TimesLive, TheNerveAfrica, AfricanReview, CNBCAfrica.

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