A FORM Two girl student at Morogoro Secondary School in Morogoro municipality, Sarah Zakaria Mchombo has emerged an overall winner of the Chinese language proficiency competition for secondary school category in Tanzania.

The competition held in Dodoma, this week, was prepared by Confucius Institute of China and co-sponsored by Chinese Embassy and the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training involved six secondary schools from three regions of Dodoma, Morogoro and Dar es Salaam whereby pilot project for teaching Chinese language and culture is conducted in the country.

Meanwhile, the government has acknowledged the great efforts done by volunteers from people of Republic of China to Tanzania by teaching our young students Chinese language and culture and further said, it will enlarge strength and power to students to compete in international arena at various dimensions which is virtual to our state economy.

The remark was made by Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training, Prof Simon Msanjilla, when he was officiating first proficiency competition for foreign secondary school students in Tanzania for Chinese language in Dodoma, recently.

Prof Msanjilla noted that, learning Chinese language by Tanzanians students will enlarge competition power to our students to compete among nations and bring pride to Tanzania and further call for more efforts to increase number of students to learn the language.

Prof Msanjilla also congratulated all students who managed to learn Chinese language and sit for proficiency examinations stage one and passed for second stage and said it brings hope that, our students are capable and ready to go with technology changes which drives global economy.

Either, Prof Msanjilla thanked team of Chinese teachers who have being dedicating their time to teach our students voluntarily, and further said it brings more tie between Tanzania and China.

He reminded all students to increases efforts to learn Chinese language and then able to compete in international competitions so as to bring prizes to our nation.

The ministry of education has said, the pilot study project which aimed to teach Chinese language to young students at secondary school category has been proved very beneficial to our nation and the ministry plans to add more schools to teach Chinese language in the country.

An officer from the office of Commissioner of education at the ministry of education Mr Salum Salum said the pilot study revealed that, many young students especially at secondary school are more ambitious to learn the language and said; in near future the ministry will start teaching program to prepare local teachers to do a job after the project end.

Mr Salum also said, among 110 students from six secondary schools including from Dodoma secondary, Kiwanja cha Ndege and Viwandani secondary both from Dodoma municipality, Kilakala and Morogoro secondary of Morogoro municipality and also Benjamin Mkapa and Lord Barden secondary school from Dar es Salaam.

He further said, all students who sited for Chinese language tests, have passed their proficiency tests for HSK stage 1 and acquire average marks of 200, with only 23 Chinese teachers, which he said it is high performance, he said.

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