The first thing that comes to mind when you see this young lady’s photo is beauty.

She seems harmless despite the presence of multiple piercings on her face, however, she is anything but harmless. This is evidenced by the fact that she was married to a very notorious thug. Apparently, Kayole police had been trying to pin this girl down together with her merry band of thieves.

Image: Daily Nation

On Wednesday (May 12, 2017) morning, undercover cops were informed of their whereabouts and caught them unawares after much planning.

Can you imagine little miss sunshine shooting away at the cops? Well, that’s what happened. The woman identified as Claire Mwaniki was part of a firefight between her gangsters and the boys in blue. In the aftermath, she was found dead while still clutching a Beretta pistol which had six rounds of ammunition.

Gangster girl

Image: Daily Nation

It is a sad way to die especially because she was so young. Reports state that there have been rising cases of women joining gangs.

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