This is Efya.

She is a Ghanaian musician known for her sultry voice and incredible sense of fashion.

Efya was recently on JoyFm where she had a “no holds barred” interview with Lexis Bill revealing a whole lot of new and interesting details about her life. Here are 5 new things we learnt about Efya from that interview.

1. She loves dark and tall men

When asked to choose between dark and fair men or short and tall men, the singer said she liked her men dark and tall. So if you fit this category then skip the queue.

2. She doesn’t do drugs

All though Efya has in the past revealed that she smokes cigars she denied doing drugs when asked by a fan.

3. It amuses her when men send her nudes

Efya who revealed that her inbox is always flooded with pictures of various body parts of her male fans but she said she doesn’t really pay attention to them and just finds them funny.

4. She prefers an iPhone to Android

Sorry Android users …


5. Her favourite sex position is “doggystyle”

So when asked if she preferred the “missionary position”(WTH!) to “doggy” replied saying “Doggy style drives me crazy” (*gasp*)


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