While e-commerce growth in Africa continues to take place at a faster rate with each passing year, there continue to be barriers that hamper development of e-commerce on the continent.

The e-commerce potential throughout Africa is huge, but a number of common barriers which fall into the categories of financial, infrastructure, socio-political and digital divide, remain a challenge for this industry, especially with regards to international growth.

The current share of consumer e-commerce by African enterprises is below 2 percent, and has great potential. By 2018, the African e-commerce market is projected to be worth around $50 billion, from just $8 billion in 2013, according to the International Trade Centre.

By understanding the obstacles and embracing the challenge ahead, changes and innovative thinking can help Africa’s e-commerce sector to reach the next level and continue to grow.

Here are 10 obstacles that impede Africa’s international e-commerce growth.

Sources: AfricanExponent, Intracen, HBR, Memeburn.

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