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Is friendship between the man and the woman is a myth or reality? Actually, it’s rather an eternal question that remains unanswered. You can argue as much as you like, but let’s at least try to figure everything out.

Are friendships between men and women possible?

That depends on the circumstances. For example, you met the woman, you became friends, and then you became something bigger than friends. But love has gone over time, and the only thing that’s left was friendship. A lot of guys believe that a strong friendship between men and women is possible at an older age when people are fully formed as personalities, they already have a family, and they don’t want any flings or affairs. There is also another opinion that men and women friendship is quite possible when there are common interests and views on life involved.

Many women argue that friendship between the man and the woman doesn’t exist at all. Such friendship implies affection and spiritual bonds, and these are the main components of love. As it turns out, a lot depends on people’s nature and their perception and reaction to different life situations.

Types of friendship between men and women

Online friendship

As you know, any relationship should stand the test of time. But what if a guy, who already has a partner, meets a girl online, and they become close enough to be called friends? But is online friendship acceptable if both of them don’t meet in real life? Should his girlfriend know about this? Unfortunately, such friendship often becomes the reason for one of the partners to doubt the second one.

Childhood friendship

Sometimes childhood friendship ends up becoming full-fledged relationships. The boy and the girl grow up on the same street, go to the same school, and their parents are good friends. Over the years, the things between them grow into something more – real love. A couple of years later, this boy proposes to the girl. But childhood friendship doesn’t always end like that.

Why men and women become friends

Here are some typical situations that make the development of friendly relationships between the man and the woman possible.

1) She/he is like a sister/brother to me

In some cases, relationships between real brothers and sisters can be compared to ones between people who are not relatives. Of course, developing such a trusting friendship takes years. It’s the only kind of relationships that can be called friendship.

2) We share common interests, but I do not like her/him

It’s not a secret that most men and women choose the object of communication focusing exclusively on common interests. Often, this common interest is a hobby. In this case, both friends are just interested in spending some time together, talking about what both of them love. But the problem is that this friendship ends when one of the friends is no longer interested in what helped maintain friendly relations.

3) I have a girlfriend/boyfriend, but we just want to hang out together

Having a partner doesn’t oblige you to cut all contacts with the opposite sex. You can still hang out with other girls/guys.

4) I want to keep her/him around just in case

Such friendships between men and women are the “dirtiest.” True friendship implies communication or at least some common interests but nothing more. Imagine that you found out that the girl you’ve been friends with simply considered you a backup option. We bet your reaction would be negative, to say the least.

There’s one peculiar thing about friendships between men and women: it takes one small step to destroy them. But it’s for you to decide if such friendship exists and whether it’s real or not

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