Royal Air Maroc, Moroccan national carrier

The state-owned Royal Air Maroc has responded to “slanderous remarks” made by the Algerian Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel who accused the airline of transporting drugs.

Messahel accused Royal Air Maroc of transporting drugs to Sub-Saharan African countries. “Royal Air Morocco carries more than just passengers,” he said.

“The slanderous remarks of the Algerian minister of foreign affairs show a total ignorance of the sector,” Royal Air Maroc said in a statement. “Air traffic is a highly regulated environment by highly qualified international bodies,” the statement added.

It also said that the remarks “were unquestionably held with the intention of undermining Morocco through its national airline,” describing them of showing “a flagrant lack of professionalism and a complete lack of knowledge of diplomacy”.

Royal Air Maroc reiterated that it is “an internationally recognised company operating according to the best standards of the world air transport regulation

Source: middleeastmonitor


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