Paul Malong arrives at Juba Airport 13 May 2017 (ST Photo)

October 8, 2017 (JUBA)- The former chief of general staff in South Sudan army Gen. Paul Malong Awan has denied reports claiming that he has been released, citing lack of moving around and visiting family members.

“The house of the president and where I am is almost 600 meters and the office of the president is about 2000 meters and he has not invited me. Also, I am if released, I would have been seen moving around or visiting families. Where did they say I was seen from these places, visiting my family or moving around?” He said when reached to verify rumours about his release.

Awan told Sudan Tribune he was still confined to his home and no indication he would be released soon because the authorities have not even told him the cause for restricting his movement.

The general who was the closest ally of the President said he would continue to wait until he is informed of what he did by the authorities.

“I am just waiting when I will be informed and when I will be allowed to move freely. When that happens, everybody will know, it will not be speculated. So my message is clear, I am still in where I have been told to stay,” he said.

“If there are people who say I have been released let them say where they saw me,” he further stressed.

The former chief of staff was forced last May to return to Juba after his sack over security reports that he was preparing a coup to overthrow Kiir. Since he has been placed under house arrest.

The President refused several requests to allow his travel abroad

Source: sudantribune


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