Malong at Juba airport on to receive the body of his daughter 15 Sept 2014 (ST Photo)
November 5, 2017 (JUBA)- The government troops deployed around the residence of the former South Sudanese army chief of staff Paul Malong have rejected to authorize the delivery of water and food to the besieged general and his guards, increasing the tension between the two rival forces in the capital Juba.

Lucy Ayak, wife of Gen. Paul Malong Awan released a statement to the public on Sunday accusing government troops deployed outside the residence in which her husband and the guards live to have taken 35,000 South Sudanese Pounds from relatives who left the house for shopping.

Ayak said the heavily armed soldiers blocked the main road leading to the residence of her husband and refused to allow any vehicle to move in order to bring food and water to people at home.

“This morning the guards were given some money to go and buy some eatable commodities in the market, upon entering the exit gate, the platoon grabbed the money intended to buy food and water from the market,” said Ayak in a statement released to the public on Sunday

“Every human being is created by God to enjoy the earthly privileges of living. I am bringing this inhumane torture out such that the people know what is happening and in light of the Dark dealings happening now,” she adds.

Ayak wondered why her husband and guards are being denied access to water and food, saying it is not a character of humanity for the leadership to deny someone of food and water.

“It sounds evil and ungodly to pronounce hunger and thirsty to somebody that you perceived as an enemy, never even in the court of law when someone is found guilty of a certain crime, be it felony or misdemeanour, or convicted of the death penalty, before killed. It is undeniable right to be fed when still living”, she pointed out.

Tensions rose after Awan rejected presidential order asking for disarmament and subsequent arrest of his guards, denial of visit, possession of weapons, movement out of the residence, arms and ammunition in possession. Any resistance should be met with reasonable force

Source: sudantribune


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