Dr. Ravindra Rajmane was found dead surrounded by several glassine envelopes stamped "Knock Out King."

A Manhattan doctor was found dead in his Park Avenue apartment from a suspected overdose of heroin with the brand name “Knock Out King,” police sources said Wednesday.Cops found Ravindra Rajmane dead in the bedroom of his apartment on Park Avenue South near E. 27th St. about 9:30 a.m. Tuesday after a co-worker had not heard from him.

Rajmane, an NYU Langone pulmonary physician, hadn’t been seen since Friday, leading the worried co-worker to visit his apartment Tuesday, police said.

“Someone came in and said that they were checking up on (Rajmane),” said a doorman at Rajmane’s building, who decline to give his name. “So I had someone go up and knock on the door.”

A building maintenance worker opened the door and the co-worker found Rajmane dead on his bed. He had been dead for at least two days, a police source said.

Moments later, the doorman saw the co-worker running downstairs crying.

“She was upset,” the doorman said. “(Rajmane) was a nice guy. Nobody expects that to happen.”

Cops found several glassine envelopes with heroin residue near his body. The envelopes were stamped “Knock Out King,” police sources said.

An autopsy has been slated to determine how he died.

The city’s widespread opioid epidemic took 1,300 lives in the city last year, authorities said.

An NYU Langone spokeswoman said they were looking into Rajmane’s death.

Source: nydailynews


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