More than 800 students and alumni at Beihang University on Thursday signed an open letter requesting that the school set up a an anti-sexual harassment mechanism.

The case of a Chinese Professor, Chen Xiaowu, who was suspended over allegations of abuse against students, prompted hundreds of students to demand for Code of Conduct for professors, training and seminars on sexual harassment.

Hundreds of students were prompted at a prestigious Beijing university to request that the school institute psychological counseling and a department in charge of dealing with sexual harassment complaints.

“The lack of anti-sexual harassment mechanisms and trust spaces is the most fundamental reason for the rampant cases of sexual harassment on campus,’’ said the letter, posted on the WeChat social media platform.

What prompted the students was the widely discussed case of Chen at the university and renowned scholar, who is being accused of sexual misconduct.

Discussions on sexual harassment are relatively rare in China, due in part, to the country’s traditional culture.

SOURCE: pmnewsnigeria


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