Nine hundred-and-two structures will be demolished to pave way for the construction of the Sh80 billion Likoni bridge.

The Mombasa Gate Bridge will link the island to South Coast.

Currently, the Likoni and Mtongwe channels are the only links that connect the island and the mainland.

The Likoni channel, through which ferries transport 300,000 people and 6,000 vehicles a day, has been faced with challenges due to congestion.

The bridge is expected to decongest the channel once completed.

According to a feasibility study of the project, 770 buildings will be affected on the Likoni side and 132 on the island.


“A majority of the buildings to be affected in Likoni are residential while those on the island side will be commercial properties,” said the project consultant, Mr Michael Mwangi, who is also the environmental impact assessment team leader.

The Repcon Associates managing consultant said in Likoni, areas where the residential houses will be affected are Jamvi la Wageni and Mtongwe.

He added that the commercial buildings that will be demolished on the island are at Ganjoni where the bridge intersection will be constructed. The site of the intersection is near Archbishop Makarios Road.

According to the plans, the construction will start after four years when the feasibility study is completed.


Mr Mwangi said currently, the environmental assessment team was finalising on the inventory of assets.

The team is working on data entry to come up with the asset register.

He said the register will show the total number of the affected properties and help in identifying the population to be displaced.

“Right now we cannot tell the total number of those who will be affected. We are moving step by step and in two weeks’ time we will be able to tell,” he said.

The design plans indicate that the bridge will start on Lumumba Road near Jela Baridi Prison in Majengo.

It will go across the railway station and Moi Avenue along Archbishop Makarios Road, then over the Likoni Channel at Mwenza Creek and then join the Southern By-pass at Ziwani through the Mtongwe road.

According to the design, the cable-supported bridge will be 69m from the highest water level and 1.4km long.


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