The popularity of Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan of Morocco is rapidly growing in the world after his appearance with his father King Mohammed VI during the One Planet Summit. Spanish widely read daily, El Mundo wrote a portrait of the crown prince, where it described him as the “gifted and polyglot” prince.

“At 7, [the Prince] presided over his first official ceremony. Today, at the age of 14, he wants to become an engineer and accompany his father to different summits,” wrote the newspaper.

Born in 2003, the Prince is seen as a “mature” person for his age and “always serious and strict.”

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El Mundo also highlighted the Prince’s personality and his ability to communicate with countries’ leaders and high-level diplomats.

“We have rarely seen a boy treat kings and head of states with so much courage and ease,” wrote the daily.

The newspaper also discussed the Crown Prince’s education through its portrait.

El Mundo also said that the future King is “being educated to become a revolutionary monarch in the Arab world.” The daily also compared the Moroccan Prince’s education to that of the Spanish princes.

Unlike Spanish princes, who are being educated in private school, “Moulay El Hassan is getting his education inside the royal palace with a group of four other young people from different parts of the country.”

The group studying with Moulay Al Hassan are coming from “poor families,” selected by “headhunters” for their intelligence and skills.

The Prince will finish his secondary school stage soon to pursue his studies in aviation and obtain the title of military officer. “The Crown Prince has chosen a more scientific branch than his father, who has opted for the path of literature by studying the law.”

The Prince has also fascinated the newspaper with his ability to speak four languages: Arabic, French, English, and Spanish.

The newspaper did not only focus on the Prince’s educational background, but also about his football and basketball passion.

“The prince likes F.C Barcelona and Lionel Messi. He also practices other sports such as swimming and skiing.”

Furthermore, the daily also discussed the Prince’s dressing style, saying that the Prince is always “advised by his mother, Princess Lalla Salma, who broke with the classic standards of Moroccan women.”



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