Bishop Charles Agyinasre

‘Precious one,’ that is how he referred to his viewers during his popular TV telecast back in the early 2000s.

Bishop Charles Agyinasare is his name; the founder and presiding Bishop of the Perez Chapel International, formerly, World Miracle Church International (WMCI).

We went up-close with him on ’21 minutes with KKB’ and found out some amazing things and also cleared the air on some rumors heard about the celebrated minister.

Early Life 

Born on 22nd March, 1962, Bishop Charles Agyinasare schooled in Weija Barracks Primary, Armed Forces Experimental School and Nsawam St. Martins. Following his bad habits of sin, revelry, alcoholism and drug addiction” and “a life of smoking, truancy, chasing girls, using hard drugs, night-clubbing, and stints with various occult associations, he was expelled.
When he started ministry, he disclosed that there were some who were more promising but were nowhere to be found. He admitted that ‘it is by the grace of God I am where I am.’ He confessed that, ‘there were people who were more articulate, committed, and studious, had more open-doors’ whom he expected to be around but were not in existence anymore.

Source: ghanaweb



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