Governors are mulling over plans to partner with private investors and donors to bridge the gap occasioned by delay in the release of funds from the Treasury.

The county bosses, who have in the past been accused of delaying projects, have blamed their predicament on poor funding, budget shortfalls and a bloated workforce that consumes the largest chunk of the funds.

And with just over 100 days after election, a number of counties are still grappling with debt as well as unreconciled assets and liabilities, which the governors have said could delay the delivery of services.

But in a statement Wednesday, the Council of Governors vice chairperson Anne Waiguru said the county chiefs plan to leverage on the partnerships to improve their economies.


“As the country’s economy recovers from a protracted electioneering period, county chiefs must seek innovative ways of delivering on their election promises,” said Ms Waiguru.



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