PRESIDENT Ali Mohamed Shein returned home on Saturday after official visits to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), saying many investors from the region admire Zanzibar, mainly because of political stability.

“In fact, all the leaders I met in the UAE praised us for maintaining peace, a prerequisite to achievement in development,” Dr Shein said at the press conference held at the airport in Zanzibar shortly after landing from the Arab countries. On January 21, this year the President and his delegation which included First Lady Mwanamwema Shein left the Islands for a week-long visit in countries forming UAE: Dubai, Sharjah, and Ras-al- Khaimah.

He said the reception he was accorded in each state was good, and that leaders in the Arab countries had promised to support Zanzibar move ahead in various sectors, including the search for alternative energy, oil and other natural resources, improvement of social services and infrastructure.

Dr Shein said, “… I personally learned a lot. The countries are economically well-off, but they have managed to advance because of determination and good planning, tools which we (Zanzibar) can copy from them.”

He said without good planning, even if you have money, one can fail to move forward as witnessed in some countries including in Africa where some nations have good economy, but have failed to achieve development goals.

Speaking with Journalists, the isles leader also answered questions which were not directly related to his trip. When asked to comment on ongoing views about changing presidential term limit from the current five to seven, he replied “It is not my agenda; I will respect my constitution term and leave the office to others.”

He was also asked about the temporary ban on registration of international ships after some foreign ship flying Tanzania flag were implicated in illegal business, he said “I know there are discussions going on.

It is the dishonest ships abroad are to blame for misusing our flag. I hope we will have the right to continue registering international ships.”


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