Leader and Founder of Church of Rabi, Prophet Kwabena Tawiah has predicted the passing of some prominent Ghanaians in 2018.

In a 31st December 2017 prophetic service, Prophet Tawiah revealed prominent chiefs, senior police officers, lawyers are among a long list of prominent people who are likely to pass away this year.

He also revealed death of prostitutes, saying most of them will be offered as sacrifice for blood money purposes.

The man of God stressed that there will be fire disasters across the country not excluding fatal accidents that are bound to happen to take more lives.

According to Prophet Kwabena Tawiah insists the prophecy will come to pass especially in the first quarter of the 2018.

“Chiefs will die, mark the date. A lot of police men and women will die, fire disasters will happen, prostitutes will die due to blood money rituals, accident will happen…”From January to March all these things will come to pass. People will know what God said is true. People will marvel because it does not have to happen…” he prophesied.



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