Suspected underworld kingpin Nafiz Modack has been arrested again – this time for allegedly extorting those running a Johannesburg establishment.

Prosecutor Esna Erasmus, speaking during Modack’s bail application in the Cape Town Magistrate’s Court – where he is facing similar charges – said he had been arrested on Monday morning.

The case would be transferred to Johannesburg.

A date for this is yet to be set.

Last week, it emerged in court that Modack was to face at least one charge in Johannesburg.

Jacques Cronje, a co-accused in the current Modack case, has also been arrested in connection with the Gauteng matter.

In the Cape Town matter, Modack is accused of extortion and intimidation.

He faces these charges alongside Carl Lakay, Ashley Fields, Colin Booysen – suspected Sexy Boys gang boss Jerome Booysen’s brother – and Cronje.

The charges relate to the nightclub security industry, in that they allegedly took over security operations at clubs and restaurants, forcing owners to pay them.

For a detailed breakdown on what has been happening in the underworld nightclub security takeover, see News24’s showcase Underworld Unmasked.

The group was arrested on December 15 and shortly afterward lodged an application to be released on bail.

The application is expected to conclude next week



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