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Is your daily commute in New York City — by subway, bus or car — terrible? We understand. Do your trips take way longer than they should? We’ve been there, too. Are you frustrated? Count us in. Are you late through no fault of your own? Do tell.

No, really. Tell us. The Daily News wants to hear your tales of woe. We want the gritty specifics on your nightmare trips, your horrible commutes when falling-apart public infrastructure and infuriating congestion made you miss a meeting or a kid’s basketball game and sent your blood pressure soaring.

Email us the gory details of your travails — from where to where, exactly which bus or train or bridge or highway was the problem, how long it took and why — to with the subject line, “My travel nightmare.”

As the governor and mayor squabble about how to fix this mess, as state legislators dawdle, we will give voice to your troubles so nobody forgets who and what this is all about.

The people in power, very few of whom rely daily on the subways, buses and roads as we do, can’t keep doing business as usual while millions of others suffer. We won’t let them.

Source: nydailynews


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