Media mogul Mo Abudu has shown that she has what it takes to survive and that is why people look up to her as their mentor and inspiration.

She also has a high sense os style that always make her stand out where ever she is.

Her style is one that says she may be advanced in age but can look good in anything. That is why she is our Woman Crush Wednesday.

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2. Mo looks like a lovely parcel in red and the bow just complements her beauty

3. Mo Knows is simple but elegant

4. Mo looks like an Arabian bride with this look

5. The contrasting lace makes her look classy

6. Mo in baby pink Iro and Buba  is simple ans elegant

7. Mo will teach you how to wear print and ruffles

8. Mo in a long top looks youthful

9. The colour and style makes Mo Abudu a fashion forward woman

10. Mo can also take risks and they turn out great.

11. Mo short black dress is beautiful and gives her a sexy look

12. The simple cutting of the gown makes the print on the dress come out more giving her a good mix of colour.

13. Mo looks simple in this dress with the long slit.



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