Rabat – Judiciary Police arrested, this Thursday in Rabat, a 58-year old Swiss man who was the object of an international arrest warrant for the sexual exploitation of minors.

In a press release, the Rabat-based Directorate General of National Safety (DGSN) revealed that Swiss judicial authorities had issued an international arrest warrant against the accused for his involvement in the sexual exploitation of minors in his country of origin, Sweden, adding that Moroccan police were able to arrest the 58-year old Swiss only after Interpol had issued a similar warrant against him.

The accused has been taken into police custody, as he his appearance before relevant authorities, and also before Switzerland’s extradition demands are thoroughly examined, the press release specified, concluding that actions undertaken by Moroccan Police in this particular case are an indicator of the strengthening of cooperation in international security, especially as countries seek to combat all sorts of trans-borders crimes.

Source: moroccoworldnews


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