Chinese farmer finds WWII bombs in field


A Chinese farmer in North-east China’s Heilongjiang Province on Wednesday unearthed from his vegetable field three bombs left by Japanese invaders during World War II.

Liu Chengyuan lives in Hulin City along the China-Russia border in Heilongjiang.

He grows spinach, eggplant and beans on a small patch of land.

“I was not scared when I found the bombs. I picked one up 30 years ago when I was swimming with my friend in the Wusuli River.

“We did not know what to do with it.

“We sold it to a waste collection station, which I now know was not the safe way to dispose of it,’’ Mr Liu said.

Mr Liu handed over the bombs, each measuring 30cm long, to the museum of the Hutou Fortress Relics of Japanese Aggression against China.

Zhang Shanlin, an official with the museum, said that before 1943, there were over 200,000 Japanese soldiers stationed in Hulin.

A lot of ammunition and military equipment remained after the war.

The bombs will be exhibited at the museum.