TAL Unveils New Fleet of Helicopters


 In a quest to boost its offshore activities, the Tropical Arctic Logistics Limited (TAL), a subsidiary of Baywood Continental Limited yesterday, Thursday 5th, July 2018 officially unveiled newly acquired six fleets of; AW139 helicopter, S92, and a Challenger fixed wing Business Executive Jet.

The choppers were unveiled at its Executive Flight Facility at Muritala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja yesterday in the presence of high-profile personalities, Aviation specialists, and pressmen.

The new fleet of helicopters includes; AW139 helicopter, S92, and a Challenger fixed wing Business Executive Jet.

While addressing pressmen before the unveiling, the President and Chief Executive of Tropical Arctic Logistics , Emperor Chris Baywood Ibe, noted that the aircraft is of World class and Standard wit close check as far as safety measures and qualitative Customer services are concerned while delivering exceptional hot and high performance that would in return boost the ratings of the Nigerian Aviation industry.

In his words Emperor Baywood said; “since inception, TAL has maintained an unwavering focus on the pursuit of excellence as their operational philosophy. They are passionately committed to best practice in accordance with world-class standards in the Air Logistics sector. 

“The company’s operational safety policy both onshore and offshore is one of the key attributes which will achieve tremendous resonance among stakeholders. This is one of the reasons why Tropical Arctic Logistics is poised to achieve incomparable heights in customer service standards” he said.

While boasting of his company’s manpower Emperor Baywood said that “Our Board, Management, and staff comprise some of the best and most skilled in the industry. 

The company boasts of Foreign Affairs Minister and Ex-Minister of State for Petroleum, Mr. Henry Odein Ajumogobia (SAN) as its Chairman, “it is a testament to his legacy that he initiated far-reaching reforms for the deregulation of the downstream sector of the oil industry,” Emperor Baywood said.

“Prince Femi Adeniji, our Chief Operating Officer is primarily an aircraft Engineer with a wide and diversified background in Electronics, various airframe engines including Helicopters. He is a certified expert in Airworthiness requirements in countries such as Brazil (ANAC), United Kingdom (EASA), USA (FAA), India (DGCA), Nigeria (NCAA), Bermuda and Isle of Man” he continued.

TAL will look to give fellow competitors a run for their money as the president revealed that “we have, therefore, positioned our company for leadership in this sector, an unparalleled feat for a company founded just 5 years ago. The AW139 helicopter we have acquired is state-of-the-art and designed for safety and efficiency to service customer demand” Baywood added.

Mr. Henry Odein Ajumogobia (SAN) who is a former Minister of State for Petroleum and the Chairman board of directors of tropical arctic logistics limited assured the public of the safety and professionalism TAL is going to offer, he also said that in Nigeria today we talk about diversification of our economy but the oil and gas sector is still the fulcrum of growth in our economy, so the oil and gas sector as to grow for us to be able to successfully diversify our economy and with the expected explosion in the oil and gas sector investments like this is very timely.

Chief Operating Officer of TAL, Engineer Femi Adeniji, also disclosed that “The helicopters are of superior capacity and our pilots have copious amounts of flying experience; dedicated to meeting the ever-evolving demands of clients. We are incredibly excited about the satisfaction the helicopter would bring to thousands of business owners in the country.”

The Baywood group also advocated that pursuant to the Nigerian Content policy, that the Federal Government, through NNPC should ensure and enforce initiatives to support indigenous investors such as TAL for sustainable business growth which ultimately impacts positively on job creation and other socio-economic benefits. This will prevent the untimely extinction of indigenous establishments.

As a statement of assurance, the President said “we will continue to consistently evaluate the business dynamics and monitor the relevant sectoral indices in order to achieve optimal growth and profitability for the company.

“However, we wish to assure all stakeholders that this is just the beginning of even better and greater accomplishments for the company.  The entire Management and Staff are passionately committed to implementing the transformational agenda as envisioned by the Board of Directors in achieving unparalleled safety records, he said.

“We are technocrats who are very conscious of our business steps. We are very mindful of the Nigeria policy. We are usually conforming to the Nigeria content policy. We play within the confines of the Nigeria law and we are going to abide strictly by that without compromising safety and standards.

This whole business is self-funded by our businesses. We are not borrowing from any bank or any industry or politician. We are very conscious of management and revenue as well as our capital. We are rest assured that everyone on board is very efficient in the management style and every decision taken must be thought through thoroughly. I can assure you that this business will be very well managed and all equipment would be safe without compromise,” Emperor Baywood Ibe concluded.

Tropical Arctic Logistics, a Baywood company, was established in 2013 to provide professional solutions with particular emphasis on SAFETY and EFFICIENCY. TAL offers business-beneficial services to the Oil and Gas industry, Executive Spot Charter, Banking Industry, Medical Emergency Evacuation (MEDVAC) and Allied Services as well as Executive private Aircraft Charter.

By Adenike Fagbemi