Akropong youth protest takeover of Okuapemhene’s palace


A youth group calling itself Sons and Daughters of Okuapeman in Akropong on Tuesday marched through Akropong in protest of the takeover of the Okuapemhene’s palace by national security personnel.

Personnel from National Security about eight months ago, stormed the Okuapemhene’s palace to prevent two royal factions from installing two separate chiefs for the empty Okuapeman stool.

According to the group, the takeover of the palace and prevention of palace staff from carrying out traditional duties by security personnel is hindering the progress of Okuapeman.

The group, who presented a petition to President Nana Akufo-Addo through the Municipal Chief Executive, Dennis Aboagye, pleaded with the government to withdraw the national security personnel.

“We petition President Nana Addo to come to the rescue of Okuapeman for the following reasons. The Okuapemhene’s palace has been vandalized by the national security operatives for the past seven months under the guise of traditional dispute, we also recall with dismay the attack on the palace and the arrest of two chiefs of Akropong at dawn of February 2018 which was done under the pretext that there was stockpiling of guns, but it turns out that, that assertion had no iota of truth,” Seth Anthony Marfo, a spokesperson for the group, said.

“All administrative activities by the traditional authorities have been put on hold since that dawn raid. Also, all traditional rites that are carried on in the palace have been halted,” he added.

The Municipal Chief Executive of the Akropong Municipal Assembly, Dennis Aboagye, who received the petition promised to deliver it to the president.

“There is no better way of having your voice heard and concerns raised through this lawful process. When it comes to peaceful protest our President Nana Addo is well known. So I want to assure you that I will make sure the president receives your petition in order to work on your concerns.”

By: Neil Nii Amatey Kanarku/citnewsroom.com/Ghana