‘I Will not Leave for Another African Nation’: Renard Comments on Rumors

Photo Credit: PATRICK HERTZOG / AFP/Getty Image

Rabat – After being linked many times to Algeria, Egypt, and lately Cameroon, the coach of Morocco’s national football team has had to defend himself again, slamming those who pretend to speak for him.

Some people talk about my future in the media to sow trouble in the Moroccan spirit and if it’s still a little too early to know what will be done, one thing is certain: Out of respect for Morocco and all Moroccans I will not leave in any way for another African nation regardless of it. Those who claim so are wrong,” wrote the French coach on social media.

The 49-year-old has already said he is committed to the kingdom. Last week, on his flight back home from Russia to Morocco, the Atlas Lions’ coach agreed to answer 2M’s questions about his future, saying that he has a contract with the Royal Moroccan Football Federation (FRMF) until 2022.

But while Renard is keen to disparage the rumors and “fake news” surrounding his future commitment with the Moroccan national squad, he has not said anything conclusive about whether he will stay.

The Frenchman’s statements on social media have left many people skeptical about his desire to retain the coaching position with the Atlas Lions, prompting many to ask what he really thinks.