Lebanese Singer Ramy Ayach Dedicates Song to King Mohammed VI


Rabat – Lebanese singer Ramy Ayach has dedicated a song to King Mohammed VI to congratulate him on his 19th Throne Day anniversary.

Morocco will celebrate the anniversary on Monday, July 30. The singer has already released his tribute, “Allah, Al Watan, Al Malik” (“Allah, Homeland, and the King”), expressing both his respect for the monarch and for the Moroccan people.

The artist borrowed the title of his song from the last verse of the Moroccan national anthem.

Throughout July 30 and 31, airplanes will perform aerial acrobatics in Northern Morocco, including two of Tetouan’s neighboring cities, Martil and M’diq.

The airshows will be performed by the prestigious “Marche Verte” aerobatics team of the Royal Air Force (FAR).

King Mohammed VI will deliver a speech on the eve of his Throne Day celebration. He is expected to make his speech from Al Hoceima, home of the 2016 and 2017 social protests, which began with the death of a local fishmonger.

Speculations are rife that the King will address some of the recent challenges Morocco has been facing, including social inequalities, the development model, and the high-price commodities’ boycott.

The King’s speech will air at 9:30 p.m. on national radio and TV, the Ministry of Royal Household, Protocol, and Chancellery said on Saturday.

The statement did not specify the King’s current whereabouts, opening the door for more speculation about whether or not the speech will be delivered from the city of Al Hoceima.

The King will chair a reception ceremony on Monday at Tangier’s Marchaine Palace to celebrate his accession to the throne, according to a statement from the Ministry of the Royal House, protocol, and Chancery.

The ceremony will begin at 2:15 p.m. Princesses will host a dinner provided by the King at Marchaine Palace.