‘Occupy Ghana can’t comment on all issues’ – Ace Ankomah


Member of Political Pressure Group, Occupy Ghana, Ace Kojo Ankomah, has said that his group, Occupy Ghana, is not obliged to comment on all social and political issues in the country.

According to him, the group has a staff strength of only 15 members and hence not fully resourced to address all pressing issues in the country.

Speaking on Citi TV’s Point of View with Bernard Avle, the Private legal practitioner however stated that within 18 months of President Nana Akufo-Addo’s Government, Occupy Ghana has commented on 34 major issues and scandals.

“You must pick and choose your fights, In the 18 months that this Government has been in power, we have issued statements on 34 issues, complex and complicated issues.”

He further explained that members of Occupy Ghana get overworked sometimes, hence their inability to address all matters of national concern.

Ace Kojo Ankomah revealed that Occupy Ghana is however following closely on issues relating to the Ameri Deal and choose whether to comment on it or not.

He also added that Occupy Ghana is also studying the current proposed Multi-track system for Senior high schools in the country.

Mr. Ankomah further dismissed claims that Occupy Ghana has been working in favor of the NPP Government. He argues that Occupy Ghana is a non-partisan organization that works in the interest of the country.

He went on to cite previous statements made on certain decisions by government to prove that his group has not been lenient towards the Government.

“We were on of the first people to comment about the size of the Government. We said the elephant-size government will breed corruption. We were right there in the [Government’s] face. We were one of the first people to comment on the BOST issue. We sided with the investigations. When the investigations were over and no Ghanaian heard about it, we have sent a letter back and asked 19 questions and we still haven’t received one answer. If we don’t receive an answer, we will go to court”

Mr. Ankomah threatened a legal action against Government if it doesn’t come clean on the recent Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation [BOST] corruption saga.

By: Jude Mensa Duncan/www.citinewsroom.com.gh/Ghana