Video: Royal Air Maroc Flight’s 45-Hour Delay Infuriates Passengers


Rabat- RAM passengers waiting at Brussels Airport for 45 hours were furious to learn that their flight was delayed again.

Royal Air Maroc passengers heading to Morocco waited for 45 hours at the airport after their flight was canceled on Friday. To their despair, the newly scheduled flight was also delayed.

Some RAM passengers were originally scheduled to leave for Morocco on Tuesday evening and others on Wednesday afternoon, however their flights were delayed until Friday morning only to be delayed again to Friday evening before being canceled.

Interviewed by Belgian news channel RTL Info, Moroccan passengers expressed frustration, some complaining that they had to go to Morocco for an emergency, but had no choice but to wait for too long.

“Some were supposed to attend funerals, and I want to go to my children, we have had enough!” one passenger stated.

Since the start of an RAM pilot strike on July 18, RAM is reportedly losing MAD 20 million daily, a senior RAM managing officer told Moroccan news outlet L’economiste.

The pilots are asking for a salary raise of MAD 15,000 per month in order to suspend their protest.

However, RAM has not found a solution to save the company from further crisis leading to a growing number of delayed and canceled flights and angry customers.

RAM has called off more than 100 flights in two weeks from the third week of July to August.